Meet the Family


The Sisterhood.


Belle: the brainy, graceful and modest first-born. She is responsible, diligent, a little bit snarky, musically gifted, and has a penchant for event planning, hot tea, and culinary things (except tomatoes). Give her the Bible over other books any day!


Rapunzel: She’s witty, sweet and funny, compassionate and giving, with no guile. This one can get lost in a creative project like no other and is constantly singing. Babies, kids, parents and pets love her for her warmth. Her knock-out blue eyes almost always glimmer with humor.


Merida: a force to be reckoned with, she often leads the charge whether in school, church, play, or friendship. With a strong sense of justice and order, this Daddy’s girl does life with gusto! Musical, smart, athletic, and fearless is she. And her laugh is too contagious!


Ariel: the youngest of the girl tribe, this spirited child holds her own with her sunny disposition, fun personality, and ever-present smile. She was born with joy in her heart, filling her days with humming, humor, and hugs. She is quick to say sorry and to forgive, spunky, random, and hilarious!


Prince Charming: this little man is the adored object of affection in the castle. He knows what he wants and already communicates well. Amiable and charismatic even at a young age, he engages almost everyone he meets with a smile or wave.


King James leads the kingdom with with a hard-working and wise attitude, somehow keeping all the hens in the henhouse calm and sane. Hunting, shooting, chopping wood, ATV riding, and outdoor merriment keep him sane.  The family is blessed beyond measure to have him at the helm as his motto is, “I live to serve.”