I call myself a professional juggler, trying to keep the balls of life up and in motion…marriage, five children, ministry, essential oil educator, Smoothie King franchise, homeschooling, and wanna-be homesteader.  I’d be glad to have you join me on my journey of faith, family, and future as I write about my adventures, thoughts, and experiences.

A very brief history…born and raised in St. Louis, ministry family, college degree in Communications and writing certificate in English, married at 21 (had to drive the rental car on the honeymoon because legally my 20 year-old husband wasn’t old enough), music ministry and church staff for 7 years, transitioned to lead pastors in 2006, multiple pregnancies, started franchise with some friends and my cousin, worked on and off for creative department at church as motherhood ebbed and flowed, homeschooled my kids in various capacities since 2007, built a house in 2012 on acreage to have a homestead, and more babies.

I humbly try to follow Jesus as He leads and to encourage those around me in as many ways as I can.  Sometimes, that may be sharing stories about marriage, parenting, and ministry. Other times I might post ideas or videos about healthy living and oils.  At the end of the day, I pray you’ll find yourself uplifted, educated, challenged and/or inspired by these writings. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll stay a while!

-Jessica Stern8nfvyhef67q09nbjrz4mx_r_gr1ys3gc_h_6gjioxdq